10 Healthy Snacks for Kids to Take to School

Here are our picks for the 10 best kid snacks for school, specifically snacks for kids’ lunches that are not only tasty but also nutritious.

Choosing which snacks for kids would be okay for your adorable little tots to take to school can be tricky.

On the one hand, children are known to be notoriously picky eaters. Just read the stories some parents share online about how they let their children pick what to eat themselves, but they still didn’t eat it for proof. Maybe your kids are some of those kids.

On the other hand, a lot of snacks aren’t exactly healthy. They’re loaded with sugar, salt, fat and/or chemicals, making them bad if consumed in large quantities.

Does that mean there aren’t any good snacks for kids that kids like?

There are, but you have to choose carefully to find them.

That means taking a good look at how nutritious they are while taking into account whether or not your kids would like them.

That sounds like a lot of work, doesn’t it? Don’t worry, we went ahead and found 10 of the best kid snacks for school, ones that make for great snacks for kids’ lunches, and listed them right here. Not only will your kids enjoy these, they’ll also be healthier for having them.

Fruit Cups

Let’s start with something familiar.

Fruits are known to be very nutritious. Aside from being excellent sources of essential vitamins and minerals, they’re also high in fiber.

What better way for your kids to have fruits than as snacks for kids in the form of fruit cups?

Fruit cups can be healthy snacks on the go, making them one of the best kid snacks for school. Fruits are commonly eaten as dessert, so fruit cups make for great snacks for kids’ lunches. To be sure, pick the ones packed in water or 100% fruit juice, as they don’t have any added sugar.

GoGo SqueeZ Fruit and Veggiez


While they’re pretty good snacks in and of themselves, fruits can be boring snacks for kids’ lunches for some. If your kids think so, you can still get them to eat fruits at school by giving them some that have been repackaged to appeal to kids.

Take, for example, GoGo SqueeZ Fruit and Veggiez. These applesauce-based fruit snack pouches are made from 100% fruit without any high-fructose corn syrup or added colors and sugar, making them quite healthy. They’re available in apple, banana, strawberry, peach, mango and cinnamon flavors, making them quite tasty as well.

Find out more about GoGo SqueeZ Fruit and Veggiez or shop some on Amazon or Walmart.com.

Drinkable Yogurt

Originating from countries in the Middle East and West Asia, yogurt is a staple food in many different cultures. It’s available in several different types that are all nutritious. Aside from being high in more than a few vitamins and minerals, it’s also an excellent source of probiotics, which can boost the immune system. Get your kids to have some by packing them some for school. Essentially portable smoothies that are tasty and healthy, your kids will love them as their snacks for lunch.

You can get some drinkable yogurt from Stonyfield Farm, an organic yogurt maker and dairy company located in Londonderry, New Hampshire.



A lot of kids love cheese. They’d scarf them down on pizza, as the flavor of their potato chips or just as cube-shaped finger food. Cheese itself is rich in calcium and protein—nutrients any growing boy or girl needs—so they’d be yummy yet healthy school lunch snacks your kids will eat up. To make sure they are, pack your kids some that are low in fat and sodium. To jazz them up, you can melt them over some pretzels or bread sticks.

Mission MightyMe Peanut Puffs

Are your kids allergic to nuts? If they aren’t, consider packing them some Mission MightyMe Peanut Puffs to have at school.

Nuts are surprisingly good for health. For instance, they’re high in many nutrients, antioxidants and fiber. But they still might not be that interesting to your kids, so give them some Mission MightyMe Peanut Puffs instead. They’ll get the same health benefits that regular nuts provide except in a fun, kid-friendly package, making sure they’ll enjoy them.

Learn more about Mission MightyMe or shop some of their peanut puffs on their official website.

Good & Gather Sweet Potato Kettle Chips

Potato chips aren’t the most healthy snack in the world. For one thing, they’re high in fat and sodium. But they sure are tasty. Let your kids enjoy the same tasty goodness they get from potato chips at school without the harmful effects to health by packing them some Good & Gather Sweet Potato Kettle Chips instead. These look and taste just like regular potato chips, except an ounce only has 150 calories, making them healthier.

Find out more about Good & Gather Sweet Potato Kettle Chips or shop some on target.com.

Quaker Chewy Fruity Fun Granola Bars


Granola bars aren’t just adult diet food. They can also be healthy and delicious snacks for kids’ lunches. A great example would be Quaker Chewy Fruity Fun Granola Bars. These soft, whole grain and oats-based snack bars have been described as “better than apple pie,” but they contain just 5 grams of added sugar and 90 calories per serving.

Find out more about Quaker Chewy Fruity Fun Granola Bars or shop some on quakeroats.com.

Amara Smoothie Melts

If you and your kids are a little adventurous when it comes to your snacks, check out Amara Smoothie Melts. These are dehydrated puffs made from fruit, veggies and coconut milk that taste just like a smoothie when they melt in your mouth.

Find out more about Amara Smoothie Melts or shop some on amaraorganicfoods.com.

SKinnyPop Popcorn

There are those who’d say popcorn is the perfect healthy food. As long as excess salt or butter isn’t added to it, it hardly has any calories. But it’s just as tasty as potato chips. Let your kids enjoy this so-called “guilt-free snack” at school by packing them some SKinnyPop Popcorn. Non-GMO and gluten-free with neither any trans fat nor artificial preservatives and flavors, they may very well be the ultimate healthy food.

Shop some SKinnyPop Popcorn on skinnypop.com.

Larabar Apple Pie

Larabar Apple Pies are basically vegan granola bars. That means they don’t contain any food or other products derived from animals. But that doesn’t mean they’re tasteless. Exactly as their name says, they taste just like a slice of good old apple pie.

Find out more about the Larabar Apple Pie or shop some on larabar.com.


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